Gabriele Fermi

In RMC since 1995, General Manager. He speaks english and spanish, loves football and swimming.

Lorenzo Fermi

In RMC since 1995, he has two children, Tommaso and Samuele. Expert in rubber tracks, he loves play …

Administrative Department

Roberta B.

In RMC since 2013 , deals about purchase documents .

Anna B.

The athlete of the company, she deals about customers' accounting. She joined RMC on December 2004.

Graziana M.

She deals in suppliers accounting, she has three children, she's in RMC since January 2006.

Simona B.

She in RMC since 2007. She deals about accounting.

Sales Department

Lisa M.

Is in RMC since 2001. Key account.

Francesco M.

He's in RMC since 2003. Speaking English , he's in sales department .

Filippo G.

Expert machine salesman, engaged in sales and rental, in force at RMC as of 2011.

Shipping Department

Antonio T.

He's in RMC since 2005, he deals about shipments, loading, desk.

Steven S.

He's in RMC since 2013, he deals about shipment and loading, desk.

Cristian C.

He's in RMC since 2012, he deals about shipment and loading, desk.


Super Mario , the jolly man in RMC from 2018


Marco S.

Mechanic with a 30 years experience in the earth moving machinery, in force at RMC as of 2010.

Giustino S.

He joined RMC in 2013, expert mechanics, electronics, diagnostics, information technology and fan of…